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  • I'm always up for connecting with people: fellow artists, potential patrons, possible students. If you call, be aware that like many others, I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. So either text first or leave a call back number. I check my email multiple times a day too. That even works faster than leaving a message on Facebook.
  • Address:284 State St, Gallipolis OH 45631
  • Mobile:740-577-8778
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In my basement home studio

Where Am I?

Beautiful Foothills of Appalachia

Only a third of a mile from the Ohio River, living high on a hill, our summer view is pretty awesome. A few time a year it rains over the hills in West Virginia to the southeast of us.  If the slanting evening sun is just right, rainbows and double rainbows shine for a fleeting few minutes.


Leaves are off the trees and we can see all of the valley and the Ohio River.

At night, our little village glows and from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day the park draws people come from around the country, and world, to see the famous “Gallipolis in Lights”.