About Me

Scientist Turned Artist

(official third person artist bio)

Pamela S Conley was born in Fort Wayne, IN in 1954. She grew up with an intense interest in learning especially about the wildlife in the surrounding woods and farmland. This led to a degree in biology from Purdue, and a career as a medical researcher.  She moved around the country, learning to love the different flora and fauna found in each unique area. In 2003, a devastating bout with Lyme Disease ended her ability to work. During the following years, art became a new and vital way of coping with her new reality.

 Then art as therapy became art as life. After a few entry level art classes at Shawnee State University, she used the internet to continue to grow as an artist. In 2018, she completed a circle, returning to her love of wildlife.  Growing dismay over the disappearance of Life around the globe became the motivation for her current series: “Before They’re Gone”, paintings of endangered species.

Pam has received many local and international awards. She is a member of Artists and Biologists United for Nature and the Tri-State Arts Association.  She has sold works privately and to regional businesses. She works mostly in watercolors, oils, and pastels.

Pam currently lives in Gallipolis, OH, in the beautiful foothills of Appalachia.